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We are your Media Master Planners, Project Managers, Producers and Systems Consultants.  We design, produce, direct, finish and install every kind of media experience from traditional to cutting edge.  Whether you are making your first web video, or refreshing a 100-year-old institution, we shape ourselves to your vision and your needs.

You     Us .


We see your institution through your eyes.


We learn who you are and who your audience is.  We become stewards of your story.


Whether it’s a web video or an interactive museum installation, we know that our media production is part of a greater whole, and we will be the advocates of your whole story.


We are master storytellers, and we know how to tell your story.  It’s an important job, but trust us, this will be fun!


Shoot    Score


We're your full-service creative partners.


We’ve shot everywhere, in all conditions.  In a canoe, the inner sanctum of the Library of Congress, and at Civil War sites across the country.  We conduct interviews with history makers, and direct battles where history is remade.


The perfect music score completes any show.

We manage original music composition, studio recording sessions, and even digging through archives for authentic period recordings.  Research, rights, and recording, we do it all with a musician’s ear.

   Smoke    Mirrors_


We do green screen, compositing, rear projection, and sometimes ... actual smoke and mirrors.


We understand immersive environments where lighting, audio and video come together to create a full experience.


Sometimes all the tricks of the trade won’t get the job done, and we need to invent something new.  That’s a skill, too, and Hillmann & Carr has a long record of making sure that through all the smoke and mirrors, the project is always on solid ground.

Poetry    Prose`


The best special effect is a good script.


You come to us because we care about the details.  We dig into the science, history, and culture so your expertise is faithfully distilled into a message that even a newcomer can understand.


Facts are credibility, and we get them right, but life is complex.  We celebrate nuance.  For the times when facts and figures aren’t the way, we let the poetry of pictures transport the viewer.



       Fun    Games_


Learning is a full body exercise!


If you want immersive theaters where people get up and dance, you’ve come to the right place!  Or shoot a 5-foot cannon at oncoming ships, remix a country song, interrogate an American spy in Canada, or participate in a game show hosted by sea creatures.


We deal with serious subject matter as well. Our interactive experiences have engaged visitors in important multi-user decision-making exercises, such as the Detroit Holocaust Center, or at the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site.


Learning isn’t a passive experience.  It is thrilling.  Let us draw you in.


Hillmann & Carr's complete line of media services provides local, national and international entities with innovative solutions to their media needs at every level of the process.


Since our founding in 1974, Hillmann & Carr has completed more than 500 commissions in our pursuit of bringing the world engaging experiences. For more than 40 years we've consistently managed to find common ground between ideas and reality, historians and interpreters, cast and crew, curators and showbiz, information and entertainment.


Hillmann & Carr is a Woman-Owned Small Business incorporated in Washington D.C. and Toronto, Canada.




• Media master planning

• Creative concept development

• Research & writing

• Production design for drama

• Large-screen theaters

• Multi-screen immersive environments



• Websites & mobile apps

• Audio environments

• Computer interactives

• Object theaters

• Video graphic design

• AV systems engineering & consultation


• Oral history

• Documentary & location shooting

• Casting, talent, wardrobe & makeup

• Full-service post-production

The Team


Al Hillmann, Principal



Michal Carr, Principal

Vice President & Treasurer


Jennifer Gruber

Creative Director


Felicia Widmann

Senior Producer


Andy O’Reilly

Sound Designer


Tod Hopkins

Technical Director


Christopher Richmond

UX and Motion GFX Designer

“The stellar comments we've been receiving are out of this world!”

— St. Lawrence Parks Commission

“Their production is a visually stunning and intellectually compelling story.”

—Library of Congress

“It turned out to be a grand slam.  Educational films are not supposed to be this good.”

—National Endowment for the Arts

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